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DEG Report: Strong Q1 Growth Linked to Streaming, Theatricals and 4K Ultra HD

Posted by: , 17:23 AEST, Fri May 18, 2018

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Home entertainment revenue continues to rise, thanks to subscription streaming, digital sales of theatrical content and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
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Consumer spending on home entertainment rose strongly for the first quarter of 2018, up 8.7% compared to the same period last year, according to data released by DEG.

The strong result was largely linked to growth in subscription streaming and the digital sell-through of theatrical content.

Revenue from subscription streaming rose by a staggering 28.89% to almost $3 billion for the quarter.

Digital sell-through rose 9.07%, thanks largely to a 15% increase in the sale of theatrical content, more than offsetting a slightly decline in the sale of TV content.

Disc sales continue to slide, albeit at a slower rate than in Q1 2017. Sales in the first quarter are now at $1.06 billion, down 10.1% - this was better than the 14.1% decline in Q1 2017. 4K Ultra HD disc sales continue to buck the trend though, with sales up 130%, and now accounting for 12% of all Blu-ray sales. 300 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray titles are now available for sale, up from 139 from a year ago.

The rental market continues to decline at a rapid pace, with all kinds of rentals, from kiosks to subscription disc rentals down by double digits, percentage wise.

For hardware, 35 million households now have at least one 4K TV set. 

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