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Apple Ready to Embrace 4K, HDR

Posted by: , 16:41 AEST, Thu September 14, 2017

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Apple jumping both feet into the 4K, HDR game with its updated Apple TV
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Image/Photo Credit: Apple

While most of the focus was on Apple's unveil of the new iPhone range at the newly built Steve Jobs Theater, there was one announcement that signaled the mainstreaming of a new video format.

Apple's updated Apple TV range will now support 4K streaming and HDR. The new Apple TV device, with a starting price of US $179, will be the first Apple TV device to include 4K and HDR streaming.

Apple's firm embrace of 4K and HDR is a marked turning point for the nascent format, which has been fast tracked on its road to becoming a mainstream standard. Adoption of 4K Blu-ray discs, for example, has so far outpaced that of the original Blu-ray format.

In a boost for consumers, Apple plans to sell 4K movies in the iTunes store at the same price point as current HD releases, and plans to allow users to upgrade their existing HD movie purchases to 4K, for free!

The updated device, which goes on sale Sept. 22 (pre-orders go live on the 15th), will support Netflix 4K streaming out of the box, with Amazon Prime 4K support coming later in the year.

In addition, the Apple TV app will now support live sports streaming, with built in real-time score updates, notifications and other interactive features.

[via Home Media Magazine]


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