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Amazon Bans Pirate Media Players, Will Destroy Inventory

Posted by: , 17:20 AEST, Thu April 6, 2017

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Amazon taking a hardline stance against media players being sold with pre-installed piracy software
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Amazon has toughened up its anti-piracy policy in relation to media players loaded with piracy software, with the online retailer going as far as destroying any stock it has of these players in their warehouses.

Streaming media players have become extremely popular in recent times, with many vendors selling generic (usually Android based) media player boxes loaded with the popular open source media platform Kodi. Some less scrupulous vendors have also added additional third party add-ons for Kodi, add-ons that enable these boxes to easily stream pirated content.

Pirated content include everything from the latest movies and TV shows, and even live streaming of popular sporting events.

For their part, the makers of Kodi makes clear they have no association with these third party add-ons, and has even vowed to take legal action against makers of such plug-ins.

And now it seems Amazon is doing their part as well, by updating their seller's agreement to specifically address the issue of media players.

"Products offered for sale on Amazon should not promote, suggest the facilitation of, or actively enable the infringement of or unauthorized access to digital media or other protected content. Any streaming media player or other device that violates this policy is prohibited from sale on Amazon," Amazon's updated policy reads.

Taking the hardest line of action possible, any such products caught in any one of Amazon's fulfillment centers will be destroyed on sight.

"If you [the seller] sell these products, we may immediately suspend or terminate your selling privileges and destroy inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement. In addition, if we determine that your account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited," the policy continues.

The move may be an attempt by Amazon to preempt future legal action, with the MPAA already suggesting that "solutions" are being sought specifically in relation to the illegal use of Kodi in media players.

At the time of writing, such media players are still widely available on Amazon via third party sellers.

[via TorrentFreak]


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