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Massive Screener Leak, Most Oscar Favourites Now Piratable

Posted by: , 16:59 AEDT, Tue January 17, 2017

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Top movies, including 'La La Land' and 'Arrival', already available to download from high quality DVD screener sources
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Image/Photo Credit: Lionsgate

An almost simultaneous release of DVD screeners on piracy sites means that almost all of the Oscar nominated films are now available to pirate.

'Moonlight', 'Arrival', 'La La Land', 'Patriots Day' and 'Hidden Figures' have all been made available to download in the past week, and all were most likely sourced from award season DVD screeners sent out to Hollywood insiders.

And there is a suggestion that the leaks come from more than just one person, as several release groups, including Hive-CM8 and new group '4rrived', have been responsible for the releases.

These pirated versions have already been downloaded thousands of times, despite some of these films only opening recently in theaters.

Screeners are usually sent out much earlier, and in previous years, the leaks have occurred earlier too. This year has been especially quiet in regards to screener leaks, which may be down to the decision by prolific release group Hive-CM8 to no longer release anything that hasn't yet opened at the box office.

While it is expected that the group already has access to other films, they are still seeking new sources, promising not to compromise the individuals that choose to share.

"We are looking for the guys sitting at home with all the 30 discs and posting pictures all over the net, but not sharing with anyone. Not sure why you are hiding it can be done safe and secure, for private viewing only if requested. Just msg us if you need help, we dont bite," says the group.



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