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Hulu Using Piracy Data Gauge Consumer Demand

Posted by: , 16:46 AEST, Tue May 3, 2016

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Hulu is the latest to use piracy data to figure out what shows people want to watch
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Hulu's head of content acquisitions has admitted to using piracy data in deciding what content the streaming company will purchase.

Hulu's Lisa Holme says piracy data often points to which shows people are really passionate about. "They are passionate enough about it to break the law," says Holmes.

These are the shows that Holme says Hulu would be interested in licensing, as she believes that many of these users would gladly pay if things are made easier, and more affordable, for them.

Netflix has already admitted to using piracy data to determine which country they planned to expand to next and at what price, so Hulu's admissions are not too surprising.

Piracy tracking and intelligence firm MUSO says this type of use of piracy data is now the norm.

"Rights owners are starting to use piracy insights effectively to help support their digital strategy, and we’re seeing huge benefit now across the TV and live broadcast industry in particular, which has such geographic-specific rights," says MUSO's Chief Commercial Officer Christopher Elkins.

"For us, it's incredibly encouraging to see the creative ways the content industry are using data to ultimately serve a better experience for audiences," added Elkins.


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