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Pirate Bay's New 'Hydra' Strategy Hits First Hitch

Posted by: , 17:49 AEST, Tue May 26, 2015

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The Pirate Bay switches to a new multi-domain strategy following news that their .SE domain name will be seized soon
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The Pirate Bay's new 'Hydra' domain strategy has run into problems only a few days after it was announced, as the site's .GS (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) domain name was suspended by the country's domain registry.

Earlier in the week, the Stockholm District Court handed down a ruling forcing The Pirate Bay's .SE domain name to be handed back to the state, due to what the court called "copyright crimes" linked with the site.

With the .SE domain name being one of The Pirate Bay's oldest domain names (the .ORG domain name being another one), this latest development has forced the piracy site to take new measures.

Starting this week, using the .SE (or .ORG) domain names will randomly redirect users to one of the new TPB domain names that the site has procured, including .MN (Mongolia), .GD (Grenada) and .GS (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands). This forms the site's new 'Hydra' strategy, referring to the multi-headed serpent creature from Greek mythology - cut off one head, or one domain name, and another springs up. The site's homepage graphics have also been changed to show a hydra headed Pirate Bay ship.

But shortly after the move, one of the new domain names has already been suspended by that country's registrar. The .GS domain name has been suspended and no longer redirects to the site, with the domain marked "Inactive". 

The .GS domain is managed by the registrar Atlantis North Ltd, which is based in the UK.

The Pirate Bay, however, says this setback was expected. 

"We have more domain names behind, if needed. We are stronger than ever and will defend the site to the end," the TPB team told TorrentFreak.

At the time of writing, the other new TPB domain names (.LA, .VG, .AM, .MN and .GD) are still active.


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