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Sony Pictures Hacking: Leaked Documents Reveal Hollywood Anti-Piracy Strategy

Posted by: , 22:22 AEDT, Sat December 13, 2014

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Leaked email from Sony Hacking scandal detail Hollywood's anti-piracy strategy
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Image/Photo Credit: Dennis Skley @ Flickr, CC

The Sony Pictures hacking incident leaked more than just the latest unreleased movies, but also revealed Hollywood's strategy to combat piracy.

Leaked emails sent to top studio executives, and obtained by TorrentFreak. detail Hollywood's wide ranging plan for dealing with the piracy problem in the next few years, their priorities for each identified source of piracy, and their strategy on how to reduce or eliminate the problem.

For the immediate future at least, Hollywood has identified cyberlocker and video streaming sites as the top priority, with piracy related apps also being targeted. A mixture of public advocacy, litigation (in the UK, Canada and Germany), and by targeting support services for these sites, including payment processors and advertising firms. Site blocking, domain seizures and expanding the copyright alert system, currently in operation in the US, to other markets including the UK, are some of the other strategies Hollywood will deploy to deal with these types of sites.

Interestingly, there is also mention of the development of "Site Scoring Services", which will give a site a "trustworthy" ranking, a blacklisting system that will allow advertisers, payment processors, domain name registrars and other support services to identify and ban suspected piracy sites.

BitTorrent falls into the middle priority category, with hints that popular hosting provider Cloudflare may become a target for litigation in an attempt to take down BitTorrent related piracy sites. Google and other search engines will be targeted, including supporting third-party lawsuits against these search engines in an effort to heap more pressure.

Among the low priority targets linking sites, unlicensed satellite/cable broadcasts and network DVR/Internet Retransmission services.


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