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Xbox One Sales Double after Price Drop, Still behind PS4 in June

Posted by: , 15:04 AEST, Wed July 23, 2014

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Xbox One sales "more than double" after price cut, but still not enough to unseat PS4 from the top of the pile. Meanwhile, Wii U sales grow 233%!
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Microsoft says that following the Xbox One price drop, made possible via the removal of Kinect 2.0 from the hardware bundle, has allowed sales of the console to "more than double" in June, compared to May.

While Microsoft failed to disclose May sales figures for the Xbox One, the company was keen to stress the upturn in sales following a price drop from $499 to $399 for the console. The $399 price now matches that of the PS4.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, more people still chose to buy Sony's PS4 in June, the 6th month in a row that Sony's console has come out on top of all other consoles in the sales figures.

The June sales report, released by research firm NPD, seems to be good news for all involved, with Nintendo also reporting strong hardware growth. 140,000 Wii U units were sold in June, up 233% compared to June of last year. The sales growth is largely down to the popularity of Mario Kart 8, which was the second best selling game across all platforms in June.

The news is less good for the previous-generation consoles, including the Xbox 360 and PS3. Combined sales for the PS4 and Xbox One are 80% higher than the combined numbers for their respective predecessors, highlighting the public's eagerness to adopt these next-gen platforms.


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