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DRM Comes to Coffee

Posted by: , 16:00 AEDT, Sun March 9, 2014
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Coffee machine maker adds DRM to coffee pods to cut out "compatible" competitors
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Image/Photo Credit: Keurig

The next generation of single serve coffeemakers will employ DRM to keep out competitors. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' new "Keurig 2.0" brewers will only allow authenticated genuine Keurig coffee pods from being used.

Using the same business model as the printer industry, to make money off refills (or in this case, pods), as opposed to the original hardware, Green Mountain Coffee was under increasing pressure from competitors that made "compatible" pods.

The new "Keurig 2.0" brewers adds many new features, but also will now incorporate authentication technology to ensure only licensed pods can be used. A proprietary "taggant material" will be placed onto pods for reading by the brewer's built in camera, a high tech solution which may result in third party pod suppliers being cut out.

Unsurprisingly, the news was met with negative reactions from existing owners of Keurig machines, and the Internet in general. Keurig's response is that the DRM features is "critical for performance and safety reasons".


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