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RapidShare Re-Enters Official U.S. 'Notorious Markets' Piracy List

Posted by: , 18:38 AEDT, Fri February 14, 2014

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RapidShare, Slysoft added to U.S. "Notorious" list of copyright and trademark infringers
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In an unexpected move, the USTR (United States Trade Representative) has re-added file hosting website RapidShare to its "notorious markets" list, despite the website's anti-piracy moves.

While the usual suspects are included in the list, including The Pirate Bay, RapidShare had been removed from the previous couple of notorious lists, thanks largely to the company's pro-active enforcement of copyright rules.

But none of these actions have been deemed enough by the USTR this time.

"Although’s popularity has diminished since its 2012 listing, it remains one of the most active sites worldwide as well as in the Czech Republic, where it is best known as," the USTR's report reads.

Another new entry was Chinese software vendor Aiseesoft. Aiseesoft is one of many software companies that produce DVD and Blu-ray ripping, but the USTR, based on input from rights holders, appears to want to make an example out of Aiseesoft.

"Rights holders indicate that this (Aiseesoft) site’s operators, reportedly based in China, develop and make available to customers worldwide various "high-quality" DVD converter tools, video converter tools, and a DVD and video converter suite that, according to the site, allow users to circumvent technical protection measures and view video content in an unauthorized manner," the description of Aispamforums's listing read.

Ripping software vendor SlySoft was also named in the list.

The USTR also cited positive developments over the last year in relation to previously listed marketsThese include the closure of isoHunt, as well as the "rehabilitation" of sites like the Chinese and

For physical markets, several marketplaces from Argentina, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Thailand and the Ukraine, are all included.


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