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Sony Hoping For Wii U Success, But Says Nintendo's Message is Confusing

Posted by: , 18:38 AEDT, Sun November 17, 2013

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Sony is hoping Nintendo's Wii U starts selling well, in order to convince gamers that traditional video gaming, as opposed to smartphones and tablet games, is still the way to go
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Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida is hoping for the success of gaming rival Nintendo's Wii U console, in order to combat the growing influence of mobile and tablet gaming.

Yoshiba spoke to IGN in a recent interview and explained why it is in Sony's best interest for Nintendo to be successful as well.

"We need Nintendo to be very successful to help induct as many consumers who like to play games with controllers, sticks, and buttons because we believe they are great things," Yoshida replied when asked about the potential impact of smartphone and tablet gaming.

Nintendo's Wii U console has not gotten off to a good start, selling far fewer consoles than previous generations consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Yoshida says that part of the problem has been Nintendo's own confusing message when it comes to the Wii U. While the original Wii introduced to gamers, and non gamers alike, the concept of motion gaming to great success, Yoshida says the Wii U's goals are a bit more confusing.

"I think success or making mistakes depends on how you set your goal. I don't know what was Nintendo’s goal when they launched Wii U. To me, it was a bit confusing because what they did really well was create a very safe environment for anyone, especially children, to enjoy games and induct those people who have never played games ever to become gamers. And they always do very well," says Yoshida.

"To me, what they have made with Wii U was continuing what they were doing well [with the original Wii]. But the messaging when they were saying 'we are for core gamers' was a bit confusing," he added. "But this year I think they slightly changed their messaging, and it seems to me like they are coming back to where they are focused."


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