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isoHunt Shutdown Effective For A Week - 'Copy' of Site Back Up

Posted by: , 16:24 AEDT, Sat November 2, 2013

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A site claiming to be the new isoHunt is back up only a week after the original was shut down by the MPAA
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Image/Photo Credit: nrkbeta @ Flickr, CC

isoHunt is dead, long live isoHunt.

Less than a week after the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) forced the shut down of torrent search site isoHunt, a copy of the site is back up and running.

Shortly after the announcement that the MPAA vs isoHunt lawsuit had been settled, with the site and its owner Gary Fung agreeing to pay $110m in damages, a group known as ArchiveTeam started copying all public metadata from the website, including comments and file information. Their efforts were so intense that Fung, possibly under pressure from the MPAA's lawyers, was forced to shut down the site earlier than expected.

While ArchiveTeam was trying copy everything, although "only" 240 GB of data "backed up" before the premature shut down, it appears another group already had plans to bring back isoHunt. was launched this past Tuesday, featuring an almost identical interface to isoHunt. Unrelated to ArchiveTeam's efforts, and completely unrelated to anyone associated with the original isoHunt, the new site aims to completely restore all the features and content of isoHunt eventually.

Users, however, are cautious. With almost nothing known about the people behind this new isoHunt, some users are even suggesting the new site may be a "trap" or "honeypot" to catch unsuspecting uploaders and downloaders.


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