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White House Pushes Forward With New Anti-Piracy Initiatives

Posted by: , 16:52 AEST, Sat June 22, 2013

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A new report from the White House calls for more industry action on online piracy and more scrutiny of innovations in the field of cloud computing, mobile apps and 3D printing
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The U.S. Copyright Czar, Victoria Espinel, has released a new report that urges for an expansion of voluntary industry standards such as the controversial six-strikes program.

The report also called for anti-piracy technologies and measures to keep up with new emerging technologies, such as 3D printing.

While the report lauds the U.S. government's achievements from actions such as Operation In Our Sites and the Megaupload raid, it also carefully chose to praise industry led efforts such as the ISP six-strikes program and new best practices guidelines agreed to by payment providers such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa.

"Together with law enforcement efforts, private sector voluntary actions can dramatically reduce online infringement and change the enforcement paradigm," the report states.

The report also called for further scrutiny on future innovations with respect to copyright. "As we move forward, we are aware that new technologies, evolving social norms, new business models, and novel global distribution mechanisms will present new challenges and opportunities to combat infringement of American intellectual property rights. Among these trends and innovations are increases in the power and prevalence of cloud computing, mobile computing, data storage, database management, information security, increased interoperability, and 3D printing," the report warned.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the film industry's key trade and copyright lobby, welcomed the new report. MPAA Chairman and former Democractic Senator Chris Dodd vowed to work hand in hand with the White House to meet future IP challanges. 

"We share with this Administration a commitment to promoting and protecting American intellectual property by opening new markets to US products, educating the public about both the value of IP industries and the damage done by theft from those industries and encouraging voluntary best practices among private sector companies that have key responsibilities in the internet landscape," said Dodd.


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