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Blu-ray Disc Sales Rose 10% in 2012

Posted by: , 16:16 AEST, Sat June 22, 2013
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Blu-ray spending up, despite average title prices going down to less than $20
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Image/Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee @ Flickr, CC

A new report from the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) shows that Blu-ray spending rose 10% in 2012, contributing to the first annual rise in home entertainment consumer spending in seven years.

While total consumer spending on home entertainment increased by only 0.25% in 2012 to $18.5 billion, Blu-ray and digital delivery saw marked increases. 

Despite falling disc prices, now at $19.97 per Blu-ray title, Blu-ray still managed to post a 10% spending increase thanks to greater unit sales. Blu-ray sales helped to offset at least a portion of the declining DVD business, as DVD unit sales were down 7.2% for 2012 according to a recent Nielsen report, with Blu-ray unit sales up 22.6% by comparison.

The report also found that while the number of disc buyers dropped in 2012, the people who do continue to buy discs bought more of them: the top 10% of disc buyers bought on average $527 worth of content in 2012.

You can read our Blu-ray sales analysis, which covers the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, in our Blu-ray: The State of Play May 2013 report


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