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PS4 Hardware Unveiled, Priced at $100 Cheaper Than Xbox One

Posted by: , 16:56 AEST, Tue June 11, 2013

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Sony launches PS4 at $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, with more powerful hardware and and without used game restrictions. Look inside to see pictures of the PS4
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Image/Photo Credit: Sony

Sony has trumped Microsoft's next-generation game console by launching it at $100 less than the under fire Xbox One console, and has for the first time revealed what the console will look like.

Making the announcement at E3, Sony, who had only previously "launched" the console by showing what the controller looks like, revealed the sharp angled PS4 which will launch during this holiday season for a U.S. retail price of $399.

Photo of PlayStation 4 Front

This means the PS4 will be $100 less than Microsoft's Xbox One, which will be launched at roughly the same time for $500, Microsoft announced at E3.

Both consoles will now feature a Blu-ray drive, but early reports suggest the PS4 will actually be the more powerful console under the hood. The Xbox One, however, comes bundled with the Kinect motion sensing system.

Photo of PlayStation 4 with Controller and PS Eye

Reports also suggest that different versions of the PS4 may be available, with the $399 version being the "restrictively basic" version.

In a change for Sony, online gaming will now require a paid for PlayStation Plus subscription, copying the online model that has proven to be a success for Xbox. A PlayStation Plus subscription costs $49.99 per year.

Sony have also confirmed that the PS4 will not place any restrictions on used games, and that online authentication for disc based games will not be required, although publishers may yet be allowed to implement their own system. Sony also chose to use YouTube to make fun of Microsoft's potentially complicated used game trading system, producing a video which shows how used game trading will work on the PS4.


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