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Sony May Be Ready To Unveil PS4, As More Details Emerge

Posted by: , 12:41 AEDT, Mon February 18, 2013
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Feb 20 is when Sony may unveil the PS4, as new leaked photos of potential PS4 controller emerges
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teaser video suggests Sony may be finally ready to unveil the successor to the PlayStation 3 on the 20th of February.

And in typical fashion, details have been leaking ever since the the teaser video was uploaded.

Leaked Image of PS4 Controller

Just today, multiple pictures have emerged of what could be the next PlayStation controller, which features a clickable, capacitive touchpad. There is also a "light bar" of unspecified purpose, although considering the PlayStation Move wand's light globe, perhaps the "light bar" will have a similar purpose.

A WSJ report also suggest that game streaming will play a big role for the PS4, code-named "Orbis". The report suggest that many PS3 games will be streamable to the PS4, allowing gamers to play games without using discs or pre-downloading the many gigabytes required for the game. Instead, the game will download in the background on an on-demand basis. There are suggestions that this would be the only form of PS3 backwards compatibility being offered, with PS3 game discs unable to be used on the new console.

In a related move, Sony may be set to cut the price of the PS3 shortly following the possible PS4 announcement, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. PS3 sales have just beaten Xbox 360 sales worldwide, but still languishes in a distant second place behind Microsoft's console in the US.

Leaked Image of PS4 Controller

Update: Launch event has come and gone, report here.


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