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BitTorrent Launches 'Hybrid' Cyberlocker Storage Solution

Posted by: , 17:23 AEDT, Sat February 16, 2013

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BitTorrent technology has been infused into traditional cyberlocker storage to allow for unlimited uploads and no transfer limits
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BitTorrent Inc has launched a new cyberlocker file sharing service called SoShare, which combines traditional cyberlocker functions with BitTorrent technology to speed up file sharing.

A key advantage of SoShare is that it promises unlimited storage. There's no need to download specialized software for uploading or downloading, although a browser add-on is required to utilize the BitTorrent functionalities.

Uploaders will first need to create an account, but downloaders can download without having a login.

But the key difference between SoShare and other cloud hosted cyberlocker services is the integration of BitTorrent technology. While files are still uploaded to a centralized master SoShare server (to make the file available even when the uploader's computer is turned off), the uploader's original local copy of the file, along with the local copies belonging to anyone who has or is downloading the file, will also be shared as a download source. This means the more people that have downloaded the file, the faster the transfer would be, just like with normal BitTorrent downloads.

By relying mostly on the uploader's (and other downloader's) own resource, SoShare is able to offer not only unlimited storage, but also unlimited bandwidth.

Copyright issues, with the BitTorrent connection to an already cloudy cyberlocker scene, may arise, but SoShare believes the power of their service will be most useful to members of the creative community that must share often GBs of data during collaboration. "We're focused on sending, not locker storage, so the workflow is pretty straightforward. Again, we identified a need for the creative community during the alpha and that is what SoShare aims to address," said BitTorrent’s Catherine Meek in an interview with TorrentFreak.

SoShare is currently in beta testing and so all functionalities are free of charge at the moment, but monetization could come in the future via subscription and membership plans. The current beta version of SoShare also does not yet support Linux. It currently works with browsers on the Windows and Mac platform only, including Safari on Mac, Chrome, Firefox on both Macs and Windows, and Internet Explorer on Windows.


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