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Wii U Sales Fall Flat, But Price Cut Not On Horizon

Posted by: , 18:06 AEDT, Fri February 1, 2013

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Wii U struggling to gain market share, but Nintendo boss says price cuts are not coming any time soon
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Nintendo has revised downwards the estimated number of Wii U consoles it hopes to sell before the end of March.

Previously estimating that the new Wii U console would be scooped up by 5.5 million gamers, Nintendo has now revised this number down to 4 million, down some 30% compared to the earlier projection. 3.06 million consoles have been sold so far.

While the original Wii at the same stage in its life-cycle only sold 3.2 million units, much of this was down to supply issues which has not been an issue with the Wii U.

Nintendo also downgraded the number of 3DS consoles it had hoped to sell.

There was some good news for the Japanese gaming giant - it has returned to profit for the first 9 month of the Japanese financial year with earnings of 14.55 billion yen, or $160 million, compared to a 48.35 billion yen loss from a year ago.

Despite a relatively poor start for the Wii U, Nintendo is adamant that price cuts are not on the way for a console that's not yet 3 month old. "We are already offering it at a good price," said Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo.

Iwata admitted that the quality of the current Wii U gaming line-up is a problem that "has not been solved", but hopes that familiar first-party titles from the Mario and Zelda franchises will help spur sales in the short term.


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