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Redbox Instant Details Leaked, Subscription From $6 Per Month

Posted by: , 23:01 AEDT, Sat December 1, 2012

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Accidental website leak shows details about Redbox and Verizon's soon to be available streaming VOD service, including pricing
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Redbox's digital streaming offering is launching within the next month, and according to temporarily public help documents (part of the ongoing closed beta) that were accidentally placed online for all to see, some details (which could still change before the actual launch) were revealed.

Gigaom was the first to publish details about accidental sneak peak into Redbox and Verizon's upcoming online streaming join venture, and a lot of similarities with Netflix seems apparent.

The new subscription VOD service starts at a low $6 per month, lower than that of Netflix's $7.99 and Amazon's $6.58 ($79 per year), but for an additional $2 per month, users can also get a package that includes 4 Redbox non-rolling credits for use in that month at Redbox kiosks.

And similar to Amazon's Prime Instant streaming, "Redbox Instant by Verizon" (this would be the official name for the service) will offer VOD rentals starting at $0.99.

Hardware support appears to be good, albeit not extensive, at launch, with mobile support via Android and iOS, and set-top support coming via the Xbox 360 and selected Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. And of course with Verizon's backing, the ISP's own FIOS TV platform may very well play a key role at launch, if not shortly after.

Details about content is sketchy at the moment, although the service is expected to have a smaller library than that of Netflix and possibly Amazon at launch. The website leak also showed the availability of certain titles, including Killers, Rango, Iron Man 2, which would suggest that a licensing deal with Epix (who distributes Lionsgate and Paramount titles) might have already been struck.

The help files also refer to a date: December 17, the date that beta testers are given for when DVD rentals included in their subscription will be available at Redbox kiosks, indicating a possible launch date for the service.


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