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Sega's Solution To SOPA: Do A Hard Reset

Posted by: , 18:29 AEDT, Sat January 14, 2012

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When Sega was asked where it stands on SOPA, the response that was given was unorthodox, to say the least

When a gamer, curious as to Sega's stance on the whole SOPA debate, sent the company an email asking to clarify their position, the response wasn't exactly what was expected.

With many tech companies coming out against SOPA, but the video game software industry body, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), coming out to support SOPA, gamers were interested to find out if their favourite game company were going to join with, or come out against the ESA's support for the controversial copyright bill.

An user on HotBloodedGaming wanted to find out just that, and wrote a polite letter simply asking where Sega stands on the issue. Sega's response?
An unorthodox response to the issues of web censorship and anti-piracy, to say the least. The Internet being the Internet, speculations continues as to the deeper meaning of the above answer, with 

Generally these issues are caused by bad installs or junk data that's stuck in the system memory. The first suggestion would be to perform a hard reset on the device. It's best to attempt this any time you experience performance problems with your device or have an app crash. If it doesn't work, its suggested that you uninstall the app, perform a hard reset, reinstall and then perform one more hard reset before launching the game. 

If you're problems continue, please let us know.

Tech Dirt suggesting perhaps the "hard reset" suggested alluded to the need for fresh new political discourse in the United States, to "hard reset" a Congress that is increasing seen as out of touch with the rest of the country.

But a new video released by Sega America on YouTube may shed more light on the proposed "hard reset" solution, even if it still doesn't answer the question of where the company stands when it comes to SOPA.


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