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Righthaven Facing Seizure Of Assets By US Marshals

Posted by: , 13:49 AEST, Thu September 22, 2011
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It goes from bad to worse for Righthaven, as their refusal to pay $34,000 in legal costs in a lost copyright case could result in US Marshals coming in and seizing their assets and bank accounts

When Righthaven file a lawsuit against one Wayne Hoehn for the unauthorised use of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, to try and get Hoehn to pay up a hefty settlement fee, they did not expect to end up in court. Nor did they expect to lose the case and be forced to pay cost, and now to add insult to injury, Hoehn's attorneys are requesting the court to allow US Marshals to help seize Righthaven's assets. 

This is in response to Righthaven asking the court for a stay, due to their precarious financial situation, but the court did not grant the stay, and now Wayne Hoehn's lawyers, Randazza Legal Group, is asking the court to allow US Marshals to come in, seize Righthaven's assets and even their bank account.

Now Marc Randazza, of Randazza Legal Group, is also asking for a $100,000 bond from Righthaven, to cover the expected legal expenses from any appeals that Righthaven may launch, and may lose (forcing them to pay more of Hoehn's legal costs). Randazza also states that the delay in payment, the original payment date being 14 September, and the legal action involved in getting Righthaven to pay up has already added $14,000 to existing legal costs.

Righthaven's financial situation is hard to understand for many, since they've been actively seeking and receiving settlement fees throughout the country. And just last year, Righthaven received a $500,000 investment from major client Stephens Media, the owners of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. But facing legal setbacks in several cases, Righthaven has just recently lost their only other client, the MediaNews Group, after the group's CEO slammed the Righthaven mass lawsuit operation as "a dumb idea".


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