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Is DVD On The Way Out?

Posted by: , 13:02 AEST, Wed August 24, 2011

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New study shows people are increasingly using tablets and smartphones to watch full length movies, instead of using portable DVD players

A new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey may show that DVD players, at least portable ones, will soon be on the endangered species list.

The study asked 1400 Americans about their viewing habits, and more than two-thirds now say they're using their tablet or smartphone to watch full length movies. When asking tablet owners, 47% of them say their tablets have now replaced their portable DVD player as their preferred viewing device.

With tablets (and smartphones) being able to do so much more than portable DVD players, it's no wonder that people are ditching their "single purpose" devices for multi-purpose ones, for long plane trips, or quick trips to the toilet (you know you've done it/are doing it right now).

But while portable DVD players on definitely on the way out, the good old standalone DVD player may hang in there. The latest sales stats show that 80% of all disc purchases on still on DVDs, despite increasing competition from Blu-ray. And with Blu-ray players all being backwards compatible with DVDs, chances are, the more than a decade old disc format still has some legs left in it.


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