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Google Removes Emulator Apps From Android Market

Posted by: , 23:18 AEST, Thu June 2, 2011

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Google has removed several gaming emulators from Android Market, which may indicate a shift in policy towards these types of apps. Or not

Google has removed all the emulator apps from Yong Zhang, a third-party Android developer, including the controversial SNESoid app.

Just recently, Google also removed a PlayStation emulator developed by ZodTTD, which many have linked the move to the release of Sony's gaming oriented Android phone, the Sony Ericsson's Xperia PLAY.

So these app removals may signal Google's new tough stance against emulator apps, or perhaps there are other issues at play.

Yong Zhang's SNESoid app earned the "controversial" tag due to licensing issues, when it was revealed that the app may have used open source code against licensing terms. SNESoid is based on snes9x. The source code for snes9x was published online, but under a license that does not allow commercial use, as in the case for SNESoid. There is an official, free, port of snes9x for Android that still remains on the Market, so it further points to a licensing issue, as opposed to a general Google ban on emulator, being in play here.

But unlike iOS, where iTunes rule the app space, there are many competing market places for Android, and it appears Yong Zhang has moved all the emulator apps to SlideME, and as a bonus, all of the emulator apps, except for the N64oid, are free to download for the next two weeks from here.

Do you think Google will ban more gaming emulators in the future, or do you think these recent bans are just isolated incidents? Post your opinion in this news article's comments section, or in this forum thread:


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