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Paramount, Fox and Disney Say No To YouTube Rentals, Due To Piracy

Posted by: , 18:38 AEST, Thu April 28, 2011

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Major studios are yet again fighting against innovation using the excuse of piracy, this time by not allowing their movies to be rented legally on YouTube

While Warner Bros, Sony and Universal are eager to use YouTube as a platform to rent movies to the millions of visitors to the video sharing website, Paramount Fox and Disney are not so sure.

Instead of embracing a new way to distribute movies in the Internet Age, the three major studios holding out against making a deal with YouTube says Google, YouTube's parent company, isn't serious enough about tackling the online piracy problem, and so, they're not going to play nice.

These three majors say that Google has not stopped linking to websites suspected of providing pirated content, and the search giant even makes money from advertising pirated content through its AdWords and AdSense advertising networks. Paramount's parent company, Viacom, is actually still involved with a lawsuit against YouTube, accusing the website of promoting piracy.

But Warner, Sony and Universal see the potential in partnering with the most popular video website on the Internet, particularly in reaching the youthful audience that has both become an easier and harder thing to do thank to the Internet. They also eventually see YouTube as a place not only to rent movies, but also to purchase movies.

Do you think this is yet another example of an industry that does not welcome innovation, or do you think the three major studios are right to use these negotiations to make Google act against online piracy? Post your opinion in this news article's comments section, or in this forum thread:


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