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YouTube Teaching Offenders A Lesson In Copyright

Posted by: , 22:24 AEST, Fri April 15, 2011

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Copyright delinquents can now be taught a real lesson on YouTube, as YouTube's Copyright School is now open for those caught stealing

When you break traffic laws, sometimes you're required to go to traffic school, to earn back your license. Well, if you do the same with copyright laws on YouTube, you now have to do the same.

YouTube has implemented a new programme in which an user has received a copyright warning for one of his or her videos, they are required to "attend" a YouTube copyright lesson, which includes a video on the wrongs of copyright abuse, and a simple quiz for which the naughty person must get at least three of the four questions right to pass.

Graduates can then get their copyright strike removed from their account by demonstrating previous good behaviour and attending the copyright lesson. Otherwise, if users get three strikes, they will get suspended.

The lesson, bizarrely starring the Happy Tree Friends, covers what can be considered a copyright infringement, and what users can and cannot do once they've had a copyright notice issued against them.

Wanting a bit of an education without having to go through the trouble of infringing some multi-billion dollar company's copyright? The 4 minuted and a bit long educational video, and the quiz, can be found on this link:


Do you think YouTube's Copyright School will help to reduce the copyright problem, or do you think that people mostly know it's wrong, but they just don't care? Post your opinion in this news article's comments section, or in this forum thread:



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