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Digital Digest Facebook/Twitter Competition: Winners

Posted by: , 13:46 AEDT, Wed March 9, 2011
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Here's a list of the winners of Digital Digest's Facebook/Twitter competition

Congratulations to all those that have won the Digital Digest Facebook/Twitter competition, and special thanks to all those that entered!

All in all, 10 prizes were awarded (from the 104 entrants), and the winners have all won a $20 gift card. Facebook winners will be sent a friend request, which will then allow the GCs to be sent via Amazon's Facebook gifting function. Twitter winners have been notified via a private message.

In any case, here are the list of winners:

Vincent Vancalbergh, Sasha Baer, Techguy29 (Twitter), PD TAylor, elpidiosimon (Twitter), Tim Busch, Tommy Steen, Gary N Dack, Петр Рыченков, Thomas Squicquero

Thanks for playing!


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