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Disc News: Collector's Addiction

Posted by: , 13:25 AEDT, Mon March 8, 2004
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An interesting article published in the New York Times, has me embarrassed and wondering why mine is so small. SIZE DOES MATTER...
An interesting article about DVD collections, originally published in the New York Times, has me thinking. Currently, I have a relatively small collection of around 160 DVDs (all originals, I might add, and a mixture of region 1, 2 and 4 discs). But compared to the 1462 and 542 titles mentioned in the article owned by collectors, it puts my measly collection to shame really.

Two sites mentioned in the article are and Both sites allow you to keep track of your DVD collection, and compare it to other people's, although in my case, the comparison becomes something a little bit embarrassing (the largest collection on is valued at $156,824 or $153,000 more than my own "collection"!!!).

Both of these sites are free to users, but for those like me that want to keep their collection data private, for various reasons ($153,000 more!!!), then DVD Digest (that's us) features a collection of standalone movie collection managers. Many of these software titles are free, and I've been using one to keep track of my collection with great effect.

I guess it's back to DVD shopping for me then...


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