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Virus/Worm News: Pesky Netsky

Posted by: , 01:53 AEST, Sun June 6, 2004
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Unfortunately, this will be a regular feature on this site, as new and potentially dangerous virus/worms emerge. The latest is not new and should not be infecting computers anymore, but it is. Having noticed an increase in virus detections in our incoming mail and having checked the detection records, the Netsky.P (and to a lesser extent, the Netsky.Z variant) still seems to be the most "popular" virus/worm around. This is despite the fact that virus definitions and removal tools for this worm have been around since March. In other words, this shouldn't be happening.

So, I'm taking this opportunity to once again remind everyone to install an anti-virus software and firewall, and also to keep them updated regularly. For free anti-virus/firewall software download links and tips on how to avoid infection, please head on to this forum thread.


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