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A tool for cutting MPEG files
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 1.04 (details)
OS Support: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Freeware
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Download: mpegtool1041.exe   mpegtool1041.exe

Description:Download MPEG Tool
Size:1.5 MB

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This program has 2 functions: one is to truncate a DAT format MPEG file into a MPG format, the other is to cut any portion of a MPEG file. Just follow the screen, select source and target file, give start and end frame number, then everything will be done automatically. Special thanks to Konrad Gbur for bringing this software to our attention.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: MPG
Output Files: MPG

OS Compatibility:

Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP

Revision History:

Version 1.04
  • Release Date: May 19, 2001

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