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An open source DirectShow AC3 decoder filter
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 2.6.0b (details)
OS Support: Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Open Source
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Download: ac3filter_2_6_0b.exe   ac3filter_2_6_0b.exe

Description:Download AC3Filter
Version:2.6.0b (added Apr 06, 2013 - view changelog)
Size:3.99 MB

Download: ac3filter_2_6_0b_lite.exe   ac3filter_2_6_0b_lite.exe

Description:Download AC3Filter Lite
Version:2.6.0b (added Apr 06, 2013 - view changelog)
Size:1.44 MB

Download: AC3Filter_tools_0.31b   AC3Filter_tools_0.31b

Description:Download AC3Filter tools
Version: (added Jan 01, 1970 - view changelog)
Size:18 KB

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AC3Filter - it is DirectShow filter for AC3 decoding to play .AVI with AC3 audio tracks and MPEG2 (DVD). Distributed absolutely for free (FREEWARE, OpenSource). Sorry if my English is bad, but I think it is better to have something than nothing.

Main features:
  • Full AC3 standart compliance.
  • S/P DIF passthrough support.
  • Decode MPEG2 PES streams.
  • Multichannel output support.
  • LFE support.
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) support.
  • Overflow control and automatic gain control.
  • Gain levels control.
  • Bitstream information (channel format, bitrate, sample rate, coupling freq and maximun freq).
  • Input/output levels.
  • Matrix mixer with direct control of mixing matrix.
  • Stereo to multichannel mixing.
  • DolbySurround/ProLogic/ProLogicII downmixing.
  • Equalizer.

Other tools available from the same author:

  • AC3Filter tools is a set of command-line tools for manipulating audio files. It includes AC3 encoder and decoder, SPDIF format converter, parametric filter, graphic equalizer and more.
  • AC3File - AC3File is a DirectShow source filter. It is required to read any kind of AC3 or DTS files.
  • Spdifer - Spdifer is a DirectShow filter that allows media players to passthrough multi-channel sound to the digital (SPDIF) output without any change, so an external receiver can decode it.

Sub Editions:

This software has the following sub editions:



Main Categories: DVD/SVCD/VCD (MPEG-1/2)
Sub Categories:

OS Compatibility:

Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP

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Revision History:

Version 2.6.0b
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2013
  • Download(s):
  • FFMPEG updated to v1.1.4
  • Use FFMPEG for AAC decoding (should be less crashes because faad bugs).
  • SPDIF/AC3 encoder: encode 5.1 with back channels (used by flac for instance) like 5.1 with side channels (standard for ac3).
  • Serbian language added (thanks to Rancher).
  • Languages updated: Basque (thanks to Xabier Aramendi), Chinese (thanks to PoYang).
  • Bug fixed: some languages was reset to english after restart.
  • Installer: /noicons option works now
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