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    MiniDVD is an unofficial format which basically allows you to have DVD content (complete with interactivity) on a CD media. Of course, this means that you'll only have a limited amount of video per CD (around 15 minutes of DVD quality video), but may be perfect for your DVD trailer collection or DVD music videos. You can also choose to downgrade the quality by decreasing the resolution/bitrate, and hence increase the amount of video per CD. And with increasing popularity, some new standalone DVD players will also now support this format (please refer to the "How to playback MiniDVDs" section for more information).


    Below are some useful statistics :
    • Resolution : PAL - 720x576 ; NTSC - 720x480
    • Bitrate : 650 MB stores up to 15-20 minutes
    • Quality : VIDEO - DVD quality ; AUDIO - DVD quality (Dolby Digital AC3)


      Below are some guides for the conversion and burning process :

      Conversion Tools
      DivX Tools Many DivX tools such as DVD2AVI can also be helful for the MiniDVD conversion process
      DVD Tools Many DVD tools such as DV-Tool, ReMPEG2, VOB Merge, can also be helful for the MiniDVD conversion process

      Guides on this site
      Odedia's MiniDVD Guide A step by step guide on DVD to MiniDVD (with downgraded video quality) conversion

      Guides not on this site
      MiniDVD Tutorial A Brazilian Portuguese MiniDVD guide
      Robshot's Creative Corner Contains guides for DVD to SVCD and MiniDVD conversion


      Below are some players for MiniDVDs

      DVD Decoders Cards Some decoder cards, like the Hollywood+, can also support the playback of MiniDVDs
      Software DVD Players Most software DVD players, except PowerDVD, can playback MiniDVDs.
      Standalone DVD players A few DVD players now supports MiniDVD playback - for more information, please refer to



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