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XingDVD was the first software DVD player announced, but the problem is that almost no updates have been announced since then, making it one of the oldest, and hence worst featured players around. I would not recommend purchasing this player.



Not worth the money ...

Decoder is fairly efficient, although much lower in quality than other players. Volume is low and very buggy. The user interface is annoying. And since region control is tied into Windows 98, those of use who played a wrong regioned disc the first time, won't be able to change it unless you reinstall Windows 98 (or get the DVD Region Selector). I couldn't even get it to play in region 4 (Australia) no matter how I hacked at it, even when Windows 98 reported my region to be correct, and even Xing reported it correct, it would still come up with the "region error" (this bug has since been fixed in version 2.05).

This software needs to be heavily patched to make it a viable commercial software.

Review Summary
Efficiency: Very Good

Quality : Poor

User Friendliness : Average

Acceleration Support : Poor

: Now looks very outdated and offers poor solution for DVD playback. Extremely buggy and Xing seems to offer no patches (except the region fix) to the problems. Not recommended.

System Requirements
Processor : PII-300 (without HWMC*)

Graphics card : 4MB PCI card (8MB AGP recommended)

Memory : 32 MB

Sound card : 44kHz PCI

DVD-ROM drive : 1x or better DVD-ROM drive

Operating system : Windows 9x

HWMC* - Hardware Motion Compensation - DVD acceleration

Review Rating