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This section talks about how to go about and install StaxRip, which isn't 100% straightforward due to the number of support software needed by the tool (which is really a graphical user interface that combines a number of different tools, just like most all-in-one conversion tools).

.NET Framework 2.0:

The first thing you need to do before you can even install StaxRip is to download and install Microsoft's .NET Framework version 2.0. It's a fairly large file and installation could take more than half an hour. Once you have it fully installed, you can now go on and download StaxRip.

Installing StaxRip:

Download StaxRip. There is no installer, so what you need to do is to extract the ZIP file into a directory. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have installed StaxRip to:

c:\Program Files\StaxRip

Once you have the files extracted (make sure the "Use folder names" option is selected), go to the directory you have extracted the files to and start the StaxRip program by clicking on the "StaxRip.exe" file (you may also want to create a shortcut to the program to place on your desktop, but that is up to you).

Installing StaxRip External Programs:

One of the interesting features that StaxRip supports is an internal download/update engine for all the software that it uses. These software include the actual x264.exe file, VirtualDubMod, DGIndex and more...

The way StaxRip works is that when you load an input file (the file you want to convert to another format), it will tell you which external programs are needed and asks you to install them before you can proceed. My preference (and this is just me, and it also makes this guide easier to write) is to just make sure all the external programs are installed, whether you need it or not (but chances are, you will need it).

To install the external programs:
  1. From the StaxRip "Tools" menu, select "External Applications".

    StaxRip: Tools -> External Applications

  2. This opens the External Applications download manager, where you can check the installation status of the required software and also download them without going to any websites.

    StaxRip: External Applications

  3. As I mentioned above, I will normally just select each and every program listed (on the left hand side, eg. "General -> AviSynth" as shown in the screenshot above) and then click on the "Download" button at the top to start the download and install the software.

    StaxRip: External Applications Download

  4. Please note that you may already have some software installed (eg. the DivX codec) so if the status of the programs is "OK", then you can skip downloading it. Sometimes you may actually have a version of a software that is newer than what StaxRip supports, and in this case, you may need to download and install the version that StaxRip requires. Once you have all the applications installed, press the "Close" button to close the External Applications window.
We can now proceed with the actual conversion/encoding.



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