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Easily convert your DVD's, DVB captures and many more formats into MPEG-4 like DivX, XviD and x264
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OS Support: Windows 2000 Windows XP
License: Open Source
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Description:Download StaxRip - .NET Framework Version 2.0 required
Version: (added Nov 10, 2019 - view changelog)
Size:187.43 MB

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Main Screen
Main Screen


With StaxRip you can easily convert your DVD's, DVB captures and many more formats into MPEG-4 like DivX, XviD and x264. As a open source application StaxRip is completely free.

  • No spyware, adware or any other form of malware.
  • Open Source, Freeware.
  • No registry bloat, settings are saved in files within the application's directory or within the user directory. No lost settings after a fresh windows installation.
  • No awkward setup/installer, no system changes, system bloat and trash.
  • Easy to use and highly versatile and customizable.
  • Reasonable default values for filters, codecs etc.
  • Rich help system including, online help (assistant), context sensitive help and forum support.
  • Rich and convenient cutting facilities e.g. to remove ads.
  • Batch processing (jobs).
  • Rich feature set to manage, integrate and download required third party application transparently instead of awkward or dangerous codec packs or application packs.
  • AviSynth powered to achieve excelent video quality and support of almost any source format.
  • Rapid development using the latest and greatest technology .NET Framework 2.0
  • Reportet bugs get fixed quickly, often a new version is available on the same day!
  • Many feature requests get incorporated very quickly.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: DVB, DVD, MPG
Output Files: AAC, AC3, AVI, DivX, H.264, MKV, MP3, MP4, OGG/OGM, Xvid

OS Compatibility:

Windows 2000/Windows XP

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Revision History:

  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • ### Stable

    no changes since Beta

    ### Beta

    - update: mkvtoolnix 39
    - update: 5.4.3
    - update: NVEnc 4.55

    - fix: few UI issues
    - fix: avs MCTemporalDenoise/GradFun2DBmod
    - fix: VUI luminance issue

    ### Beta

    - update: DGHDRtoSDR 1.13
    - update: NVEncC 4.54
    - update: VapourSynth R48
    - update: x265 3.2+9-971180b100f8 Patman

    - new: various UI improvements
    - new: the short version of x265 and nvenc switches like -c, -f etc.
    were integrated into the search field and command line import
    feature, the search feature now first looks for a exact match
    - new: x265 switches --dup-threshold, --frame-dup
    - new: nvenc switches --multiref-l0, --multiref-l1
    - new: StaxRip can use MediaInfo.NET instead of the built-in MediaInfo GUI,
    it requires MediaInfo.NET to be installed and started at least once

    - fix: FFTW not always asked to be installed when needed

    ### Beta

    - update: mkvtoolnix 38.0.0
    - update: x265 3.2+5-gfbe9fef31 Patman

    - fix: issue using trim with multiple preview instances

    ### Beta

    - new: code formatting of avs/vs code was improved according to most common standard
    - new: tab order changed in nvenc options

    - fix: apps with custom path and unknown filename failed to launch
    - fix: nvenc --aq-strength is now only visible if --aq is enabled
    - fix: the right-click/context help in the encoder options failed in some cases
    - fix: a critical issue with the playback feature in the preview was fixed

    ### Beta

    - fix: MPC was shown as missing even for operations that do not require MPC

    ### Beta

    - new: to use nvenc --vbr-quality there is now a checkbox 'Constant Quality Mode'
    on the rate control tab (Patman86)
    - new: --bref-mode added to nvenc
    - new: after a source is loaded StaxRip automatically adds a filter
    to convert chroma subsampling to 4:2:0, this can now be
    disabled in the settings on a new Video tab
    - new: MPC player integration was added to script editor and preview
    via menu and F10 key, key was changed to F9

    - fix: --aq-strength enabled for nvenc h265
    - fix: there was a issue with the resize slider and resize menu using VapourSynth
    - fix: in the preview the reload feature was causing an error in case
    the player was invoked before, also trim wasn't applied in the player
    - fix: shortcut keys in the script editor did not work

    ### Beta

    - fix: main dialog was not set to quality mode using nvenc --vbr-quality

    ### Beta

    Thanks to Patman for providing the download links of the tools !!!

    - update: JPSDR 3.1.3
    - update: nvenc 4.50
    - update: AVSMeter 2.9.6
    - update: DGHDRtoSDR 1.12
    - update: mvtools2 2.7.41
    - update: FFT3dFilter 2.6.7
    - update: TIVTC 1.0.14
    - update: RgTools 0.98
    - update: havsfunc r32
    - update: DFTTest r6
    - update: TCanny r12
    - update: BM3D r8
    - update: L-Smash Works 2019-09-17 HolyWu
    - update: x265 3.2+3-fdd69a76688 Patman
    - update: ffmpeg 2019-09-27 Patman

    - new: x265 switch --selective-sao added
    - new: L-Smash Works parameters prefer_hw 3 HW auto added to menu
    - new: the way --vbr-quality works in nvenc was changed,
    if it's value is -1 the bitrate in the main dialog is used,
    if it's higher then -1 the bitrate is set to 0
    - new: add support of video track title/name using MP4Box
    - new: simple QP mode added to nvenc to use one instead of three QP values
    - new: the menu renderer has now Win 10 style arrows for sub menu indication
    - new: icons added to filter list and script editor, shortcuts added to script editor
    - new: the preview can be closed by clicking in the top right corner
    - new: in the script editor there are now two players available, and whatever is registered for mkv, mpc-be supports vpy playback
    - new: the way filters are added, replaced and inserted in the script editor
    was changed in order to improve the menu performance
    - new: in the main menu a sub menu was added: Apps > Script Info,
    it contains avsmeter, vspipe and avs2pipemod for showing
    info about the currently active AviSynth or VapourSynth script,
    vspipe and avs2pipemod show parameters like bit depth, colorspace and framecount.
    In the script editor there is a new 'Script Info' menu item (Ctrl+I) doing the same.
    - new: the mediainfo dialog shows the formats in the tab captions
    - new: the mediainfo dialog has a new feature to move
    to the next and previous file via menu and shortcut
    - fix: docs weren't built automatically
    - fix: some bugs were fixed in the nvenc command line import feature

    ### Beta

    - fix: nfo files with non xml content caused an exception
    - fix: if subtitle and audio titles contained illegal
    file system characters then these characters were replaced
    with an underscore and thus being lost, now the characters
    are escaped/unescaped and thus preserved
    - fix: update x265 switch --refine-mv
    - fix: in the nvenc dialog, Intel decoding options were present
    even when no Intel GPU is present
    - new: a link to the web site has been added to the menu
    - new: option to check online for new stable version once per day
    - new: avs plugin HDRTools
    - new: avs, vs plugin DGHDRtoSDR
    - new: ffms2 parameter colorspace has menu support in the avs code editor

    ### Beta

    - new AviSynth script CropResize added
    - update: x265 3.1+15-a092e82 Wolfberry
    - update: MP4Box 0.8.0-rev69-5fe3ec1 Wolfberry
    - update: ffmpeg 4.2.1 Wolfberry
    - update: L-Smash Works 2019-09-14 HolyWu
    - the filter list in the main dialog shows shorter filter names,
    for example 'BicubicResize' instead of 'Resize BicubicResize'
    - SubtitleEdit is now included
    - chapterEditor has been integrated into the main menu and
    into the container/muxer dialog
    - a Tag File option has been added to the container/muxer dialog
    - container/muxer has a Tags tab added with a grid view for editing tags
    - Kodi nfo files are imported into tags

    ### Beta

    - new macros added: %source_dar%, %target_dar%,
    %source_par_x%, %source_par_y%, %target_par_x%, %target_par_y%
    - fix: menu support of L-Smash Works parameters prefer_hw was incomplete
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