Page 1 of 1: How to Convert Real Media (RM) to Avi (DivX/XviD)

A lot of people pop up on this forum, asking this one question every so often (kinda like the arccos threads ), so i thought i'd quickly answer it once and for all (hopefully), with completely free programs. i never touch anything rm/quicktime, so it took me a very very long time to find an rm file to double-check it works

what you'll need:

avisynth 2.5x - get it at

virtualdub(mod) -

real alternative -


1. install all of the above.

2. open up notepad.

3. type in the following
directshowsource("C:\my file.rm")
except replace "C:\my file.rm" with wherever your file is on the hard disk. click 'file', and save it as an avs (eg script.avs) file somewhere on your hard disk.

4. run virtualdubmod, open the avs file. it should go through, and you can now use vdub/mod to encode as usual

should also work with converting to mpeg-2/dvd, just open the avs with something like tmpgenc

for audio conversion and (de)muxing, tools like Dtdrive and RMMuxer are available