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  • Log

    Normally this log window should be enabled with automatic when you start ImgBurn. If you can't see it or if you want to hide it - presss the letter L on your keyboard.

    The ImgBurn log file is an extremely useful part of the program. It not only provides you with the details of every individual session. It helps you troubleshoot if any errors happen.

    If you don't see it - press the 'L' button on your keyboard to turn it on or off. Even if you select it to be off - it runs in the background and you can at any time turn it on again and watch what's saved in it.

    You can have ImgBurn automatically to save the log for you after exiting the program. Which can be very helpful if you need to post a log file from failed burn. That way you do not have to recreate it again. (If your computer freezes and you have to manually reset/reboot it (or you lose your electricity etc), ImgBurn will not save the log. It only saves the log if you 'X' out of the screen, or click "File", then "Exit".

    • File

      • New

        This will create an empty log file window.

      • Open...

        This gives you the option to open up an already saved log file.

      • Save As...

        This gives you the option to save the log file.

      • Print

        This will send the contents of the log file to your printer.

      • Close

        This will close the log window.

    • Edit

      • Cut

        Cut the selected part of the log file.

      • Copy

        Copy the selected part of the log file.

      • Delete

        Delete the selected part of the log file.

      • Select All

        Selects all rows of the log file.

    • Tools

      • Count

        This will show you a window with some statistics about your log file.

  • Queue

    The queue system will allow you to put several images in a burning queue and then burn all images in a row after eachother.

    Add the images that you want to queue.

    After that the first image in the queue is burnt - ImgBurn will ask you to insert a new disc.

    After that the new disc is inserted - ImgBurn will automatically start the burning of the new image in ten seconds.

    • Note: If you right-click in the queue window you will see a pop up menu:

  • Refresh

    Does a new initiation of the disc and reads it once again. Just as you had inserted the disc once again.



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