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The Menus

1. File

  • Browse

    Gives you the option to browse for an image file that you want to load into the program.

  • Write

    This will start the burning of the selected image.

  • Load Most Recent Queue

    Loads automatically the latest saved .IBQ file.

  • Load Queue...

    Allows you to load any previously saved .IBQ file.

    The program will ask you to locate the saved .IBG file and you hard disk.

    If it's loaded without any errors:

  • Save Queue...

    Saves the contents of the queue in an .IBQ file.

    You can name the queue and also change the location of the saved .IBQ file.

    If it's saved without problems:

  • Export Graph Data...

    Saves the latest burned discs graphic data in an .IBG file.

  • Display Graph Data Using DVDInfoPro...

    Displays the latest burned discs write speed in a data graphic using DVDInfoPro. You can see exactly what speed your drive was burning at and when.

  • Recent Files

    Shows you a list of the latest burned images.

    There is also an option to clear this list.

  • Exit

    This will terminate the program.



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