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Now on the the "Default Audio selection" (red).

Here is where you tell DVD2One what kind and language audio streams you want. Pick your language (English for me) (blue), then pick what type of audio streams (green) you want DVD2One to include on your backup or all of them if you wish. After you click what type you want, then click the > button (purple) to add this combo to the list. You can also remove entries with the x button (yellow). Double clicking on a row will force the selected audio track to be played when you start the movie (black). This forced audio track is marked with a * behind the language (black).

Any type
All types will be selected.

AC3 multichannel
This will only select AC3 5.1 audio tracks. This type is usually the main audio track and backward compatible with stereo playback. This is the recommended type.

AC3 stereo
This will only select 2 channel AC3 tracks. Handy when you only have stereo audio equipment and want to save extra disc space for the video. Also commentary tracks are usually of this type.

DTS multichannel
This will only select DTS tracks, which are always in multichannel format on DVD. DTS is considered to have the best audio quality, but you can only use it when you audio equipment supports DTS.

(Screen Shot Below)



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