Page 4 of 4: Connecting to Orb on the Wii

Step 4: Connecting to Orb on the Wii

Assuming your Wii is already connected to the Internet, first download the Wii Internet Channel if you haven't done so already. Go to the Wii shop, Wii Software section and then select the Wii Internet channel - the download is free until the end of June 2007, or 500 Wii points afterwards.

Wii Shop: Wii Internet Channel

Start the Internet Channel and type in the address (use the "WWW" button down below) "" and press "OK" - the Orb login page should now open. Enter your username and password and use the remember option so that you don't have to login everytime (it might also be a good idea to bookmark this page).

Wii Internet Channel: Entering URL

Once you enter Orb, you will be presented with a simplified interface designed for Wii, and you can now access your media and play them back through the Wii.

Wii: Orb Media

Simple and effective, and we're done :)

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