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Flash Video (FLV) files are becoming more common due to sites like YouTube and Google Video. While there are dedicated players for FLV files and some multimedia players like Media Player Classic already has built in support for this video format, converting FLV to AVI is still sometimes preferable as AVI support in software and hardware is much more common. This guide shows you how to convert FLV video to AVI.

Our YouTube, Google Video Download and DivX Conversion Guide already covers how to download the FLV file from embedded video and also how to convert the FLV file to AVI using Dr. DivX. This guide does not cover the FLV download part and uses a slightly more complicated method for FLV to AVI conversion, but it is much more flexible and allows conversion to XviD and any other AVI format. As such, this guide is aimed at people that are at the very least familiar with the concept of (single and double pass) video encoding using VirtualDubMod, and if you are not, please refer to the YouTube, Google Video Download and DivX Conversion Guide instead.

Software you'll need:



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