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BD Rebuilder

BD Rebuilder is a Blu-ray disc re-encoder and re-authoring package
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: 0.50.24 Beta (details)
OS Support: Windows XP
License: Freeware
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Description:Download BD Rebuilder - please note that this software is in beta testing so not all functionalities are working (please refer to the official forum thread for a full list of software requirements, and to report all bugs)
Version:0.50.24 Beta (added Jul 02, 2017 - view changelog)
Size:46.67 MB

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Main Screen
Main Screen
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Setup Screen


BD Rebuilder is a Blu-ray disc re-encoder and re-authoring package. From the same programmer as DVD Rebuilder, the current (early beta) version of BD Rebuilder allows you to re-encode Blu-ray movies and rebuild their navigational/content structure, just like how DVD Rebuilder works with DVDs.

As this software is still in the beta testing stages, there will be bugs present and all bugs should be reported to this forum thread.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: Blu-ray
Output Files: Blu-ray

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP

Revision History:

Version 0.50.24 Beta
  • Release Date: Jul 2, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • - Added code to do a sanity check on font
      size settings in quick-menu and prevent
      text from overflowing it's display area.
    - Updated import procedures so interlaced
      sources are handled better.
    - Added hidden option IMPORT_ORDER_BFF. It
      allows you to tell BD-RB to default to
      BFF field order when importing. Care
      should be taken with this setting.
    - Improved some of the resizing parameters
      associated with importing and pseudo-BD.
    - Added a parameter to autocropping that
      prevents heights that are not a multiple
      of four.
    - Added code to import routines to handle
      EAC3/DD+ sources.  Requires LAV Filters
      or FFDSHOW be installed.
    - Corrected a set of resizing conditions in
      which IMPORT_PAL_TO_FILM did not work.
    - Corrected setting for IMPORT_VFR_SCAN so
      that it defaults to off.
    - Updated the included version of X264.EXE to 
      the latest release (r2833).
    - Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE 
      to  the latest release (r2833).
    - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
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