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Entertainment Industry Should Compete With Torrents

Posted by: , 17:10 AEDT, Mon March 21, 2011

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A prominent piracy expert feels the best way for the entertainment industry to respond to BitTorrent file sharing is to compete

Piracy expert, University of Queensland professor Stuart Cunningham, says that movie studios and music labels should be trying to compete with BitTorrent file sharing, not trying to prevent it from happening.

Referring to a recent report which found that piracy is a pricing problem first and foremost, professor Cunningham has urged Hollywood studios to "compete with pirates by reducing prices and making content available with the same ease of access as pirate content".

Cunningham also notes interestingly that for-profit pirates, just like Hollywood studios and music labels, are actually also losing money due to the influx of free, user shared content on BitTorrent networks.

Cunningham also attacked the industry's over-exaggeration of the piracy problem, often by inflating the amount of damages that piracy is causing to the industry. "A lot of the methodology massively overstates the impact ... just to make a headline," Cunningham added.

Do you think Hollywood can compete with BitTorrent downloads without losing a lot of money? Post your opinion in this article's comments section, or in this forum thread:


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