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Panasonic Extends Avatar 3D Blu-ray Promotion

Posted by: , 14:22 AEDT, Fri March 4, 2011

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It looks like 3D TV owners will have to wait until February 2012 before they will be able to buy the 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar

As expected, Panasonic have extended their Avatar 3D Blu-ray give-away promotion. Customers can get a copy of this prized 3D Blu-ray title with any 3D TV or related product purchases until the end of March, and it's very likely it will be extended, on a month by month basis, until February 2012.

February 2012 is when Panasonic's exclusive Avatar 3D Blu-ray deal with 20th Fox runs out - until then, Panasonic is the only company allowed to distribute this most sought after 3D movie.

Masayuki Kozuka, head of R&D for Panasonic's Media and Content Alliance recently revealed some details in regards to the exclusivity deal, and insisted that it was 20th Fox, not Panasonic, that came up with the exclusivity idea. He also revealed that 20th Fox had tried to set up a bidding war between Samsung and Panasonic as to who would get the exclusivity deal, with Panasonic emerging as the eventual winners. This news will surely annoy 3D Blu-ray fans, who may feel that 20th Fox is betraying the format for short term gains.

Pirated versions of the Avatar 3D Blu-ray has already been made available and has been downloaded numerous times, as a result of 20th Fox not allowing 3D Blu-ray player owners to buy the movie in stores.

Do you think 20th Fox's actions are right, or do you think piracy is actually now justified somewhat due to this exclusivity deal? Post your opinion on this story in our comments section, or in this forum thread:


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