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PS3 Gets PlayStation Plus & Facebook

Posted by: , 14:19 AEST, Tue June 29, 2010
Tags: Gaming, PS3

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Sony's latest firmware for the PS3, version 3.40, not only brings all the extras to the paid service, such as free games, but also a video editor and Facebook

Sony has announced the PlayStation 3 system update v3.40 will launch 'soon', and will include the PlayStation Plus subscription service and Facebook integration features.

Granted you have to pay $50 a year for the Plus service, but you get heavy discounts on PSN titles, full game trials, exclusive offers, early access to Beta games, and even free games and downloads.

Sony plans to let PS3 owners try out PlayStation Plus for free for three months before having to choose from several subscription plans.

You gotta keep your facebook peeps current with your gaming life so Sony has integrated users Facebook accounts with their PlayStation Network accounts.

This allows users to share their PSN information, send PSN invites, and check the online status of their PSN friends via Facebook.

Firmware version 6.30 for the PSP will add PlayStation Plus to the handheld platform as well.

For a limited time, you can buy a one year subscription for $49.99 and get three additional bonus months, a $17.99 value.


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