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Copyright Office to Eliminate DRM?

Posted by: , 11:49 AEST, Sat May 2, 2009

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Every three years, the Copyright Office lets the public ask for exemptions to the DMCA's tough anti-circumvention requirements

Every three years the DMCA gets reviewed and allows the public to ask for exemptions to the DMCA.  Since the copyright office has the authority to edit the DMCA, DVD ripping and unlocking cell phones for noncommercial use could become legal.

The copyright office has been very hesitant on acting on such requests in the past but, Fred von Lohmann who is a very intelligent quick thinking copyright lawyer, thinks this year will be different.

The consumers voice has been heard on backing up (circumventing copyright protection) media bought and paid for out right which makes the request somewhat plausible.

Keep in mind though, it will last only 3 years before its up for review again.


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