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MPAA Stalls Sells of RealDVD

Posted by: , 13:07 AEDT, Wed October 8, 2008

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The MPAA convinced the judge to slap a temporary restraining order on the sell of RealDVD software

RealNetwork Inc. was dragged to court immediately after their release of RealDVD, which allows you to make a digital backup copy to store on one computer of your choice.

The MPAA argues that RealDVD violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it illegally bypasses the copyright protection built into DVDs.

However, RealNetworks argues that it doesn't break the copyright protection while copying the DVD but also adds another layer of protection.

Unfortunately, RealNetworks made its RealDVD product unavailable because of the temporary restraining order issued by District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel.


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