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DIKO Updates to Version 2.40

Posted by: , 02:09 AEST, Fri June 13, 2008

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DIKO is a one click DivX/XVid to DVD/SVCD conversion tool and it works with many other softwares to achieve the best quality and efficiency possible
DIKO is a one click DivX/XVid to DVD/SVCD conversion tool. It works with many other softwares to achieve the best quality and efficiency possible in this conversion.

  • Encoding via One Pass VBR Size prediction fully integrated, using CinemaCraft Encoder 2.66 or 2.67, ou using 1 or 2 Pass VBR throught Nic’s free encoder QuEnc (bundled in DIKO installation package).
  • Does automatically all bitrate calculation needed.
  • Convert audio to 48000/44100 automatically if needed.
  • Do automatically framerate conversions from 23.976 to 25 fps and 25 fps to 23.976, including audio and subtitles. This feature also works with 5.1 audio.
  • Automatic authoring with user-created menu via linux ported DVDAuthor or leave video audio and subs ready to be imported to other authoring packages.
  • Automatic DVD image creating via MKISOFS and burning via DVDDecrypter if dvdauthor authoring is selected.
  • Creates switchable subtitles from commom srt and sub files.
  • Join subtitles for originally 2-CD DivX movies on the fly.
  • Stops if Q Factor is too low (over 40), avoiding bad quality encodes.
  • Automatically checks and fixes AC3 errors via AC3FIX
  • Enables pulldown flag via Pulldown.exe automatically.
  • It can fully work in background.
  • Do AC3 encoding via SoftEncode or MP2 encoding via BeSweet
  • Full avisynth script support, comes with latest Dialhot Script V4 for DivX.
  • Takes care of the annoying Softencode dying bug.
  • Crash Recovey
  • Available in many languages, including: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Speanish, Swedish.
  • Automatically splits in two CDs if needed via Kwag's DIKuncizer.
  • Can makes a KDVD/KSVCD out of DivX using only Freeware.
  • Best Resolution Finder: Finds the resolution more suitable taking source and media space in consideration (only available using with CCE SP)
  • Supports SVCD/CVD/Fixed subs in KSVCD mode
  • DVD support via D2V

The official change log for version 2.40 is as follows:
  • Aften updated to 0.08
  • DGMpgdec updated to 1.5.0
  • DGPulldown updated to 1.0.11
  • HC updated to 0.23
  • ImgBurn updated to
  • Fixed bug: passes box not readonly (darksoul71)
  • Added "force" tag to prevent issues (weiguo)
  • Now using MediaInfo to grab file info more efficiently
  • DIKO log much more clean and organized
  • Information textbox re-added on New Conversion window
  • User can now double click to EDIT movie script and subtitle specs
  • [GOLD] Dual Audio Support

You may download this updated version here.


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