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Subtitle Creator Updates to Version 2.2

Posted by: , 04:17 AEST, Tue August 14, 2007

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Subtitle Creator is a tool for adding your own subtitles to DVDs, by outputting subtitles to a format accepted by DVD authoring tools
From the Official Site:
SubtitleCreator v1.8 allows you to convert ASCII based text files in SubRip?s SRT or MicroDVD?s SUB format to the binary SUP format expected by DVD authoring tools such as IfoEdit or ReJig. As such, you are able to create and add your own subtitles to a DVD. Since version 1.8, you can also manipulate existing subtitles, for example to shift them or to change their colors. Additionally, the GUI has changed considerably, and you can use a different rendering method, which should be useful for Persian fonts. In many ways, SubtitleCreator is similar to Gandalf?s program srt2sup, but there are some new features as well, such as DVD playback, which are marked with an (*):
  • Convert SubRib (*.srt) or MicroDVD (*.sub) files to IfoEdit (*.sup) files
  • Load the corresponding IFO file (thanks to the SubRip sources), such that you can use the same color palette as used by the original subtitles (*)
  • Based on the IFO color palette, it tries to select white text, a black outline and a silver anti-alias color on a transparent gray background (*)
  • Based on the IFO file, it determines whether we are dealing with PAL or NTSC, and sets the subtitle window position appropriately (*)
  • Uses the line breaks you defined in the *.srt source, such that dialogs stay on different lines. However, the maximum number is defined by you, and if it doesn?t fit the window, the subtitles are joined and, if necessary, shrunken (*)
  • You can now also use italics, bold, or underlined subtitles (*)
  • You can also use <L>, <l> and <s> for LARGE, large, and small text (*)
  • Preview and position your subtitles (using a screenshot as background)
  • Deselect subtitles that you don?t want
  • Automatically deselects credit lines (with @, or http) (*)
  • Choose the font that you like to use
  • Use profiles for default font and subtitle window position settings (*)
  • You can join several subtitle files, e.g. if the original subtitle consisted of two parts (*)
  • Synchronize the subtitles using time shifting
  • Synchronize the subtitles using frame rate conversion (*)
  • Synchronize the subtitles using the original subtitle *.sup: you can select matching subtitles in the new and original subtitle and match them (*)
  • Save the synchronized subtitle file
  • Stretch subtitles in horizontal and vertical direction (*)
  • Specify how many lines you wish to use for the subtitle (*)
  • Specify whether you want SC to automatically wrap lines (*)
  • Specify whether you want SC to generate bitmaps of the subtitles for you (*).
  • Specify whether you want SC to remove double spaces and other types of annoyances (*)
  • When opening a MicroDVD?s SUB file, special formatting commands are automatically recognized, like {Y:i}, {Y:b} and {Y:bi}
  • You can define your own shortcuts in the configuration file, e.g. <s M> gives you the music symbol (*)
  • You can search for a subtitle string.

The official change log for version 2.2 is as follows:
  • The "Use default subtitle colors" checkbox in the Manipulate SUP form is now reset when a new palette or VobSub file is open because it resets the palette. (It is not reset when opening a SUP file).
  • Opening an idx file will automatically switch the interface to PAL or NTSC if needed.
  • HDSUP subpicture is resized to PAL or NTSC according to the mode in which the Manipulate SUP window is set.
  • In the Manipulate SUP, fixed the NTSC or PAL mode switch that was buggy.
  • NTSC/PAL settings are set the same way in the main window and Manipulate SUP...
  • Last used profile will be selected by default at next startup.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow VobSub files to be used for synchronization the same way as SUP files.
  • Profile manager starts with the active Profile.
  • Warn for error can now being enabled only when errors'highlighting is enabled.
  • Sup file names were always preceded by the temporary directory which was an error in the Wizard window. This has been corrected.
  • Restored the possibility to use VobSub (.idx) files in the DVD authoring Wizard.
  • Added a new check box in the DVD Authoring Wizard that allows to force the DVD colors to SC's prefered colors.

You may download this updated version here.


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