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RAD Video Tools Updates to Version 1.8x

Posted by: , 04:06 AEST, Tue August 14, 2007

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RAD Video Tools is a multi-purpose video converter used for processing video, animation, and sound data
RAD Video Tools are a set of utilities for handling video, animation, and sound data. It allows you to convert video from one format to another (eg. MOV to AVI).

The official change log for version 1.8x is as follows:
  • Fixed a problem in the Bink file header validation where partially compressed Bink files would be seen as corrupted. This meant you couldn't preview Bink files while they were still compressing in the front-end tool.
  • Added more bulletproofing to the audio frame reader to handle additional corrupted input Bink files.
  • Switched to the 1.90 PS3 SDK, and built with GCC 4.11. The new GCC is terrific - it sped up decompression on the PS3 by 10%!
  • In the Bink compression tool, added an option to apply the alpha pre-multiplication before compressing. Pre-multiplied alpha gives better quality, it filters better, and it's faster - everyone should use it. Also, added an option to use pre-multiplied alpha during filtering (like resizing) and then convert back before compression.
  • Updated the examples on all of the platforms to allow you to specify whether you used pre-multiplied alpha.
  • Updated the PS3 GCM example to included a simple manager for mapped memory.
  • On Xbox 360 and PS3, rewrote the pixel shaders to be more efficient (although the GPUs are so fast on these platforms that it doesn't matter much).
  • On Windows, rewrote the 2.0 pixel shaders to be more efficient, and added an optional pixel shader 1.1 path to run on older DX8-class hardware.
  • On Wii, changed the example code to take into account as much information about the Wii texture iterators as is public to minimize resampling errors when scaling a Bink video texture. It's always best to try to play the movies at 1 to 1, though, since it seems impossible to remove all possible scaled sampling errors.
  • On Wii, fixed the pause feature so that it resumes the audio tracks immediately. Previously, it could take up to 700 ms for the audio to begin when you paused and then resumed audio.
  • Fixed a problem in the front-end tools, where filenames in a list file had to be less than 128 characters long.

    You may download this updated version here.


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