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VideoLAN Update

Posted by: , 11:43 AEST, Fri October 27, 2006

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Sports new support for Shoutcast TV listings, Linux support, and new hot keys among other things
A new version of VideoLAN has been released. Here is the official change log:
  • Playlist: * Shoutcast TV listings support
  • Input: * Support for RTSP authentication * Support for adding subtitles on the fly * Fixed MPEG-PS duration calculation * ATSC support for DVB
  • Decoders: * Native WMV3 / VC-1 support * WMA Speech support (through binary codecs)
  • Video output: * Additional OpenGL effects (cylinder, torus, sphere, ...) * Improved libcaca support
  • Interfaces: * New hotkeys for crop and zoom * Systray support in skins (Windows only) * Notifications using notification-daemon on Linux * Support for snapshots from the HTTP interface * OS X - Support for Apple Remote control - Right/ctrl-click menu in video outputs - Main Menu keeps accessible when playing in fullscreen mode
  • Localization: * Add Czech * Add Slovak * Add Malay
  • Developers: * Updates to the libvlc API

Download it here.


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